Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sydney's Big Night!

She lost her first tooth! She is a brave one. She wanted me to just rip it out. Sadly, the third attempt worked. Impressive!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Last Thursday was a most fabulous "Springy" day! We took advantage and went to 3 parks that day! Ironically, it snowed the next day! (it did melt within 24 hours, but still!!)
Kaden is running away from the camera...
Austin trying some crazy skate move, or something...
Again, he isn't really thrilled about getting his picture taken...
Austin concentrates on his skating...
Sydney is not scared to ride her bike anymore. In fact, she is slightly obsessed!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Few Kadenisms...

Kaden (giggling): "Mom, you just tickled both of my bum pieces!"
Nick: "(burp). Excuse me." Kaden: "Good one, Nick!"
Kaden (climbs onto the dining room table, lays on his back): "Hey Mom, look at me!" He then proceeds to bench press his k'nex barbell (his creation), all the while grunting. "See Mom, I am super strong!"
Kaden: "Mom, guess what?! Hot sauce is inside tiny apples. And white stuff is inside real apples. Did you know that?!" My response: "No Kadey, I can honestly say that I didn't know that!" [footnote: Kaden squished a crabapple sort of thing on the ground, and his discovery ensued.]
Perfection made the eyes of Kaden: "Mom, these new shoes are perfect! Do you know why they are perfect?! They are from Target and they can stomp!"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Did you know...

Austin now has GLASSES!
Austin reads to me each night (a homework assignment) for about 20 minutes. At first, we had some issues...he doesn't like to be wrong and if I corrected him...oh boy! Anyway, he has vastly improved and rarely struggles with the words and intonations. Phew!

One of the main issues he had was focusing (as in--paying attention) on what he was reading. At least that is what I thought. I would grow more and more impatient. I knew he knew the words, but he would kind of space out for a minute. And then he started just making silly substituting a word with another that had similar letters in it. It finally dawned on me...he isn't having problems focusing/paying attention...he just literally was having focusing issues.

To make this dragging story shorter...I took him to the Optometrist (sp?!) Well it turns out, he has a bad astigmatism (thanks to his loving mother :)) and a lazy eye to boot (not me). Nice. So he got glasses. But now we get to figure out the lazy eye thing, with a specialist. And then the doctor told me that this is a familial trait, and I should have the other kids checked as well. I have appointments for them in a couple weeks with a we'll see what happens (pun intended).

Ok, done rambling...for now, at least.

38 weeks!

Actually, I am 37 weeks in the pictures (sorry)...
It is official, I have an induction date: March 26th!! Come on girl, let's get the show on the road!!

The kids can't wait...they are counting down the days...

More Pictures of Snow... February 2010

Time out for Syd...beating on a brother type thing.
What a cheeser!

Austin was mad at me...and he wanted to stick it to me, or something. So boy, he showed me!

Silly Kade-y!

The snow/ice bronco, or something.

Again, the slide.
Why I am NOT in love with school carnivals:
Blue hair.
Hot Pink with Glitter.
He was smart and refused the colored hair look...and opted for one of the toys that break in 30 seconds or less.
Sydney was invited to the Fairy Annual Tea Party...
So cute! (And yes, I do have friends who are so creative and go all out! Thanks Brittany!)