Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sydney Rides Without Training Wheels

We thought this would never happen. At the beginning of the summer she learned how to ride her bike just fine (w/o training wheels). And then one day she flat out refused to do it ever again. As many of you remember...Sydney had quite a traumatic bike accident over a year ago. She seemed okay about it...that is until she realized she could get hurt. For the remainder of the summer, she refused to do it. I have argued with her about it, reasoned with her, and even bribed her. But as you know, Sydney is STUBBORN! She refused...until Monday! She said she would try it, if we promised to hold on to her the whole time. Although it was hard for me to promise this (because I encourage independance), I complied. She did great. And then all week it rained. And then yesterday, she got on again. She did it. She was so proud and happy...and rode around and around! She did great!

School Starts!

Can you believe that school started on August 20th?! Although it seemed too early, the kids are so happy to be back in school! They love it! And frankly, so do I! Here they are on the first day! And yes, it was necessary to document the new backpacks! They are so important to them! :)
Sydney (5, Kindergartener) and Austin (7, 2nd Grader)

July Catch Up Posts....

Sydney's 5th Birthday!
Sydney with Cake

The Hall girls

the Warnick Girls

Sydney opens presents

Grandma and Grandpa Layland's present


4th of July at the Matthews House!
Erika and Austin

Kaden and a Spearkler (before it burned him)

As close as Sydney would get to the Fireworks...with Nick

MC...Princess Jeff

When things got too loud...the girls went inside to watch a movie!

Carolyn, Beth and Kids visit...


Nick, Beth, and Carolyn

Sydney, Riley, and Brooklyn

Brooklyn, Kaden, Austin, Riley, and Sydney

June Catch Up Posts...

Austin's 7th Bday
Rubiks Cube Game from Warnicks
Grandpa and Pete came!


Lego Assembly on his own


Festival at Northern Lights...
Austin Jumps

Sydney Jumps

Kaden climbed throught this thing a couple times.

Big Slide for Syd

Big slide for Aut
Jenn Visits