Monday, January 25, 2010

Kaden is so funny...

Nick asks: "Hey Kaden, What are some things that you really like?"
Kaden quickly answers: "I like cats that are alive, bunnies that are dead, and fish that are treats."
Onyx, our cat that is alive.
Bunny Hop, Kaden's BFF or bunny that is dead.
Swedish Fish, the quintessential fish treat.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Freezing Fog...

...can create beauty amidst the cold! God amazes me everyday!

She's a Brick HOUSE!

I am almost 30 weeks! Ahhhh! That means I'll have a baby in a mere 10 weeks....
Oh, heaven help me!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snow Days...(there are so many!)

Many of you don't know this...but i am a closet photographer. I inherited one of my father's Canon A-1 cameras (circa 1980) with about 4 lens and a flash. I have used this camera to shoot engagement pictures, family portraits, baby announcements, and even weddings. I loved using it. But over the past 9 years or so, it has become quite obsolete. I mean...who really wants film when they can get instant digital?! When I was asked to take pictures of a friend's family, just recently, I explained that I could only do film. Nick overheard this conversation...and decided it was time for my dream to finally come true! So...One of my most favorite Christmas presents that I got this year...was a Digital SLR camera. And he also added in my favorite and most coveted lens...55-250mm (aka telephoto).

I have been playing with and experimenting with my new Canon SLR. I have taken many shots...and I have been quite smitten with it. I mean, the quality of the shot doesn't even compare to any of my other cameras. I am most impressed with the snow shots. Point and Shoot Digital cameras can't really capture snowfall (at least, not well). So I took my camera out and played in the snow. Enjoy. Give feedback.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Little of Christmas...

We had a very fun-filled Christmas at home. We started Christmas Eve Night by making our Gingerbread House, decorating Santa cookies, and then opening our Christmas jammies.
Christmas morning started early for Sydney and I. We trekked out in the snow and went to the hospital...for one of those classic Sydney ear infections. The poor girl was miserable all day...but she still said that it was a good day. Here we are displaying/posing with our favorite Christmas presents. My sister-in-law Beth drew my name this year...and she gave me this beautiful Willow Tree family...showing our new addition. So precious.
Nick is showing off his most beloved gift...complete Seinfeld Collection! He still can't believe I got it for him and at such a great price too! Yeah!
Austin thinks he has the most fabulous parents in the whole world...since he got a Nintendo DSi.
Kaden got a lot of fun new things. His favorite...hmmm...all of them.
Sydney lost a Black and White Kitty (Milo) about a year ago. It has been a traumatic event in her life...and many tears were shed over her loss. So I managed to find a similar, yet slightly different version of Milo...his bigger sister--Lila! (Lila is the name that Syd wants to name our baby. While it is a great name, it isn't what we I suggested she have her Lila here).

Then the Wickhams came over for Christmas dinner. Baby Bella even dressed up for us! We had a fabulous and Low-key Christmas!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


They are my new obsession. Thanks to Quinn, I have enjoyed them for several months now. Tell me what you think. I'll post my to favorites...