Saturday, June 27, 2009

Allison's Graduation

So my neice, Allison, graduated Whitehall High School. We didn't want to miss out on the festivities, so we drove up to Wisconsin to witness this crazy event! This graduation was very different from my graduation. Mine was located in Constitution Hall in Washington DC. Hers was located in their High School Gym. Mine was semi-formal attire. Hers was casual. Mine took FOREVER! Hers was so short. Mine was cool inside. Hers was super sticky-hot! Mine was followed by a dinner out. Hers was followed by hoppin' graduation party. (side note: In the Midwest, it is expected to have a graduation party in your honor. There is a bonus...guests are supposed to bring a monetary gift to the graduate. Graduates often make somewhere between $1000-$2000 at their individual parties. In MD, I went to one friend's (JenJen) graduation party. And the only gift I received was a pen, that I didn't even like.)
Regardless of the differences, it was fun to see my little Al graduate!
This is Stacey...she is adopted into the family now! Yay Stacey! I found out that she was the Homecoming Queen, Miss Whitehall, and is a Power Lifting Nationalist!

Here is Allison. I thought she was looking at us...but it turns out she didn't find us until much later!

This is Kaden...who needed to "go potty" in the middle of the ceremony. Remember, it was in the we were sitting on bleachers. We, of course, were sitting in the middle top row. was fun saying, "Excuse me, I'm Sorry. Excuse me, I'm sorry!" to all the people I was sqishing through. Don't forget, it was a round-trip. So double the fun!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sydney's Final Days of Preschool...

...I can't believe it! Preschool days are over for Syd. She will be off to Kindergarten.
This is the Last Day Picnic...
Preschool Group Hug

We "hiked" down to Skunk River

Sydney's partner is young and small. She was mothering cute.

Sack Lunch time

Swings...with pumping.

This is from her PReschool Final Performance. They sang songs for us and then we had a super lame "sack lunch" type dinner. Even though, it was long for me, Sydney felt so special!
Austin and Erika

Sydney and Erika

Sydney and Nick

The actual performance...I know you love the shot. They all looked this awesome.