Monday, April 5, 2010

Evie Berlin

Evie Berlin Layland
March 26, 2010
4:50 pm
8 lbs. 4 oz.
20 inches
Caution: Birth story is at the end of this post.

Beware: A Super-Long Birthing Story-- May be too much information for some (as in long/drawn out and too personal). Read at your own risk....
Nick, my mom, and I arrive at the hospital at 7:30 am. We are taken back to my own birthing suite. Ironically, it is the same suite that my great friend, Stephanie, had 9 months before. (Side note: They remodeled it, just for me!) Dr. Lines came in a short time later. She told me that I was a little more than 3 cm, 75% effaced, and 0 station. Then she broke my water. It was so fast and painless, I was surprised to feel the warm gush. I was instructed to take a long walk and we'll see how things progress. During my stroll through the fourth floor hallway, I started to get regular contractions... but these were not the serious labor contractions. After my walk, I decided to go sit in a whirlpool tub. It was a new experience for me...almost fancy! I enjoyed it. I did get contractions quite regularly, and they were starting to get quite painful. My fingers turned to raisins and the jets were starting to irritate my legs, so I decided it was time to get out. As I was getting out, I noticed that my contractions were being masked by the warm and relaxing water. Sure enough, once I stepped out...I was starting least I thought so. The nurse checked me around 2:30 and I was only a 4...after about 6 hours. Arghh. It seems, just like my last 3 pregnancies, I can't really get through labor without a little help. So it was time to give me a little pitocin--bummer. Before we started pitocin, I was introduced to a fabulous man...the happy-drug man! I warned him that the last 2 epidurals I received only worked on my right side. He assured me that he would make it work...and sure enough he did! After about 15 minutes, my labored breathing and intense pain subsided. Phew! I love the drug man. After the successful epidural, I was started on a super slow drip of pitocin (something like a teaspoon and hour--or something). Around 4 pm, Dr. Lines came in and checked in on me. After about 45 minutes on pitocin, I was finally a 7, 100%, and a -2. Woohoo. She then had me lay on my side (apparently a change in position can really help things move along), and then said she would come back after seeing her last 3 patients in her office. Well after about 30 minutes, I decided to call the nurse--I was getting the urge. Yep, it was time! The nurse checked me and sure enough her head was crowning. She ran to call the doctor and the nursery. Everyone kept telling me-- Don't push. Just wait. Just don't push! Can I just say, it wasn't easy to resist pushing. But I did. Once the Dr was ready, she had me push. I think I pushed for about 5 seconds before she said, "ok, stop!" I pushed again for about 3 seconds before she said to stop. Her head was out, but the cord was wrapped around her neck twice. Once that was detangled, I pushed again for just a moment and she told me to pull her out. That was the coolest thing. I usually get to watch, but it happened so quickly that we didn't even get to set it up. Bummer. But I at least got to pull her out and hold my girl! She is perfect! Apgar-- 9/9. This pregnancy was by far my worst, but this delivery was by far the best! I had a quick recovery (only 1 stitch). She began nursing right away, with a fabulous latch. And she is very well behaved! I think Heavenly Father knew that I could only handle so much! He sent me and sweet angel!
Sorry--I told you it was LONG!