Monday, February 16, 2009

Primary Talent Show

Our Ward Primary had a talent show last Friday Night. The kids signed up to be in it themselves. Sydney told me that she was going to be playing the piano. Funny, how she doesn't even know how to play the piano (except random, made-up melodies). So I suggested she sing. She wanted to sing with her friends in her class. They sang, I am a Child of God. Sydney took this so seriously. She practiced everyday...saying: "mom, I need to go practice now, can i have privacy!" The girls really were so cute! Austin wanted to show off some of his skateboard tricks. Sadly, I only caught his last trick, which he didn't stick. He landed his other ones though! I have included some of my favorites...Enjoy!
Ella was crazy good with her hula hoop. She even seemed to control her speed ( to go along with the music).
The Girls singing: Zoey, Brighton, and Sydney
Madagascar Dance--this was hilarious! Aria, the girl on the left was doing the greatest moves...including the robot (shown above).

I am a Child of God Video

Austin's Skate Moves