Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day...AGAIN!

I have made a new rule at our house.
"All Children MUST play outside each day!"
Austin didn't want to play, so he opted for the run around the circle the amount of times that you are old! Am I crazy? Maybe. But we are all going crazy here with this snow! By the way, this is all the snow in our circle. Yep, we have a mound about 15 feet tall. Apparently, it makes and excellent slide!
Kaden slides on the snow slide!

Sydney posing (yes, those are VDay tattoos on each of her cheeks).

Some perspective...Kaden might be able to climb on top of our roof from there. ;)

Pre-Slide posing

Neighbor's puppy plays with the kids. And no, I will not be getting a puppy anytime soon. It doesn't matter how happy they look.