Friday, October 16, 2009

16 weeks

I am 16 weeks today.
We had our 2nd appointment and I learned:
...I am NOT having twins! Phew. I am measuring a several weeks bigger than 16 I guess I wasn't completely crazy in thinking I am too big! Well, that's still up for debate...but you know what I mean, right?!

Halloween Pumpkins

We painted our pumpkins! Can you guess who these guys are?

This was Elder Stock's last night at our house!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

14 weeks

Is it just me...or is this too big for 14 weeks?!

More Photo shoot...

July Photo Shoot at Reimen Gardens

Center Grove Orchard

There was no school on Monday. Why, you ask?! I have no idea...I guess Teacher conferences. Melody suggested we go to this fun Orchard. So we tagged along with the Warnicks and Crosbys. We had a fun time!

Sydney posing with a poofy head bird.

Kaden staring at a goat.

Kaden and Sydney petting a baby kid.

Kaden swimming in the Corn Pool.

Sydney wading in the Corn pool.

Austin doing his moves in the Corn Pool.

Sydney debating on whether or not she should go down the big slide.

Austin wins the duck race.

Austin and Ella in a tree...that I later discovered they were not allowed to climb in. Ooops!

Kaden and Ruby
Sydney being a monkey.


Kaden dressed up for us!

Happy Birthday Erika!!! You hit a new decade!

Frightening, right! I hit 30! We celebrated with a classic Layland BBQ and Cupcakes.
Sydney and Baby Bella

Austin with Baby Bella



Stephanie's parents flew out just for me...or maybe for Bella's blessing...not sure which! ;)

Steph and Chip

Austin and Melody in the background

Quinn showing off his mad scooping skills he learned from his HS job.

Erika blows out the candle...30!


We were so lucky to get some free tickets to Adventureland. For those who are wondering what Adventureland is a small-scale amusement park located right outside of Des Moines. The kids had a great time. And surprisingly, the adults did too!

Kaden wasn't a big fan of this ride. Poor kid!
He is relieved it is OVER!