Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I don't know...

I really don't know what to blog about. Sorry. I am at a creative lull. sorry. how is everyone out there?!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Not Yet 30!

So the day before my 29th birthday, we celebrated...Ames style. What does that mean you ask? Well, we went to Hickory Park, of course! They sang and all. According to the waitress, Kaden was way more into their singing than I was. Not surprising!
My actual birthday was a super day too...full of food, pampering, and fun! It started with breakfast out with the ladies. I sent out a mass email to ladies in the ward, and asked people to come celebrate with me. We went to the Cafe and I enjoyed my favorite apple french toast! Yummy, yummy! (Sorry to cause pangs of jealousy to you Erin!) After I got home from breakfast, I skipped a church meeting (shhhh!) and went Garage Sale-ing with Sydney instead. I spent way too much money...but got some pretty awesome stuff (including 2 floor lamps for $2 each, a $5 acoustic guitar with bag, 8 shirts and sweaters for myself, just to name a few)! I love Ames and its plethora of weekend garage sales. Let's see...after that...Nick surprised me with an appointment for a pedicure and manicure. He knows that he always wins me over with that present! Stephanie came along...and we enjoyed the pampering. And then that evening, Madison came over to babysit...and we went out to PF Changs in West Des Moines (and no, we didn't see Shawn Johnson, DARN!). What a fun Night!!! Bonus Points to Nick for throwing together a fabulous birthday.
We had to continue the celebration...since we didn't celebrate at home with candles and cake with the kids. Why this matters, I don't really know...but Sydney thought it was essential! So...The next day, we had the "BYUI Gangsta Pimp" missionaries and friends over to celebrate with the family. Luckily, my cake was "ferg-i-licious!" (Sorry, inside joke...sort of!) It was an all-around party, as far as those sort of parties go! Austin even helped me blow out my candle! What a stinker!! He thought it was hilarious! Funny Kid!

Well, I am 29 now...and so lucky!

For Ellie...

This was the birthday cake that I was making when I talked to you!

Mini Ego Stroke Moment!

Yes...I am that proud! I worked hard on these Mary Kay facial boxes...and they turned out nicely! At least, I think so! Thanks for letting me stroke my ego a little! The End!