Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SpongeBob Square Pants

Do you like Kaden's Halloween Costume?! Cute, huh?!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Berry Patch Farm

A couple weeks ago (for Stephanie's Bday), we went out to Berry Patch Farm, out in Nevada, Iowa. While we were there, we took a hay ride, we picked apples, picked raspberries, and even got some baby pumpkins to paint at home. It was a fun day!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Guess what?! We got a cat! Can you believe it?! I am mildly allergic to cats...and I sneezed for about 3 days...and now i feel immune to him. Luckily, he barely sheds, so that helps!
We adopted him from the shelter. He is actually a great cat. He is older, so he is quite mellow. He even lets the kids near by...sometimes. Kaden is the worst with him...but as Kaden says, "But Mom, I love him!" But the 2 best things about him: 1- He is quiet. 2-He knows how to use the litter box! Phew!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sydney, Sydney, Sydney...

So I took Sydney to the hospital today! Yes...AGAIN! Can we say accident prone??!
Tonight's Adventure in 4 Acts
The Background:
Austin and Sydney decided to "golf" with a junior-sized golf club (yes, a real one). I was cleaning out the garage, and didn't notice this fabulous (*note sarcasm*) activity. So yay to me... I get the "inattentive mother award" for the evening!
The Injury:
Austin takes a swing at his tennis ball, and hits Sydney in the head on his back swing. The shrieking alerted me that something was amiss...I look over and Sydney has blood dripping down her face. After the bleeding stopped, I saw that the impact split the skin on her forehead pretty good...and I informed her that we would make a trip to the hospital.
The Post-Injury:
Sydney was crying a lot...obviously it was painful...but when I mentioned the hospital, the wailing increased in intensity. I told her that it wouldn't be like last time...I explained the joy of stitches, band aids, and stickers....and luckily, that won her over. In the mean time, Austin is crying too...wanting to know if I am giving him a time-out. The poor boy was a wreck (and it didn't even happen to him)! After explaining that I wasn't mad, I knew it was just an accident, and that Syd Syd would be okay--he calmed down to a whimper. Oh I almost forgot to mention, Nick had left the house to run to the store (about 20 minutes prior)...and he gets a cryptic call from me. I calmly, yet abruptly say: Nick, Syd got hurt. She is okay, but she needs stitches, so come home so I can take her to the hospital. *click* (By the way, you got to love the one car family situation!!)
The Hospital:
Sydney whimpers the whole way to the hospital, and the moment we walk in the door...it is all grins and giggles. I even had to remind her that "she needs to sit down" and "she can't skip in a hospital." We were at the hospital for about 45 min to an hour. You gotta love small town life!! We were the only ones there, in the ER at 6 in the evening. Sydney was awesome during the whole stitching up thing...only some minimal whimpering at the end (I wonder if the doc didn't numb it all over). Everyone was so impressed. I guess she had a lot of practice, right?!

The moral of the story:
Hide the golf clubs...it is never a good idea to let children (and even some adults) play with, let alone swing, a golf club!
I'll attach pictures tomorrow!